The General Assembly is comprised of ABPsi members who provide the human resources for The Association's working committees and other ad hoc bodies designed for the implementation of various membership and programmatic initiatives, and policy study and implementation. It has a major role in initiating, deliberating and recommending for Board approval programmatic and supportive initiatives which The Association should perform. The General Assembly serves and reports to The Association's Board. All activities of the General Assembly must conform to the goals and objectives of The Association, and must adhere to the Ethical Standards of Black Psychologists. The General Assembly's most noted events are an annual mid-year conference (January) and a Professional Development Workshop Series at the Annual Convention.

The Committees of the General Assembly perform the long-term, on-going programmatic functions of The Association. These committees report to the Chairperson of the General Assembly, who, in turn, reports to the President or Designee of The Association's Board. In addition to their own functions, each committee is charged with providing information and technical assistance, as needed, to the other committees and The Association's Board.

  1. Membership Committee. This committee is responsible for the design, review, refinement, and implementation of all membership policy, rights, and privileges. It shall develop and implement recruitment plans for potential members and retention plans for existing members.

  2. Chapter Development Committee. This committee is responsible for the design, review, refinement, and implementation of all chapter policy, rights, and privileges. It shall provide information and technical assistance for chapter formation and chartering, organizational structure, and communication (in collaboration with the Regional Representatives). It shall provide assistance to the respective Regional Representatives on an as-needed basis.

  3. Committee on International Relations. This committee is responsible for the design, review, refinement, and implementation of programs designed to enhance the Association's relationship with psychologists throughout the world. Its activities involve establishing programs for networking, information exchange, two-way mentoring, and other collaborative international relationships. Members of this committee will work closely with and report their activities to the International Relations Representative, a non-voting member of the Board of Directors.
  4. . Rituals Committee. The Rituals Committee is responsible for designing, revising, and conducting the Enstoolment ceremonies for the Board and the Student Circle Board, in collaboration with the incoming Presidents, in addition to libations and other ceremonies, as determined by the Board.
  5. The Public Policy Committee (PPC) of the ABPsi's General Assembly is responsible for creating a variety of written responses on behalf of ABPsi. Joining the Public Policy Committee is a great way to gain leadership experience and potentially get your work published in ABPsi's signature newsletter, Web site and journal. PPC members participate in time-limited projects and each member determines their interest and availability to participate in projects. Take a look at some of our work on the ABPsi Web site at http://www.abpsi.org/pubpolicy.html. Still have questions about the Public Policy Committee? Feel free to email co-chairs Dr. Donald Knight and Dr. Le Ondra Clark Harvey.
  6. Other Committees. Other standing committees of the General Assembly must be approved by the Board or the general membership, according to these By-Laws. Temporary ad hoc committees may be created in order to fulfill the functions of the General Assembly. No ad hoc committee shall exist for a period in excess of two (2) years without petitioning for status as a standing committee.

    The Association of Black Psychologists' General Assembly is sponsoring via our chapters a nationwide Essay contest for high school/undergraduate/graduate students, and we need your help promoting the opportunity to your students! The prizes vary according to the sponsoring city/state chapter of The Association of Black Psychologists, along with the chance to have the essay published in The ABPsi Pre-Convention Psych Discourse. Please download the attached documents for instructions on how to implement the contest in your chapter and templates for forms and certificates. Please share with students in your network and encourage them to participate!
    Do not hesitate to contact me at jennyjones622@yahoo.com if you have any questions.

    Jennifer R. Jones, Psy.D.
    General Assembly Chair

    General Assembly Essay Contest (.doc formats, go to our ( Forms page.)